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Run 2

Run 2: run, jump and ignore certain laws of physics, use the arrow keys to either run or skate through the 3 dimensional course, requires enormous concentration

The best things you can do when you play Run 2

When playing Run 2 makes sure you play as much as you can. This is one way you can increase or earn more coins. When you play it this way, you need to consider it as though you are practicing or rehearsing for the main game even as you earn more coins. The more you run, the more you encounter additional coins that are in line for you to collect it.

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Most players might not believe that spending some of the coins they collect will help them earn more as time goes on. Try to spend more coins on power-ups, because they will help you in acquiring more coins like coin magnets. This coin magnet will allow you to gather all the coins you collect so that you do not lose them.

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